Ratih Luhur


Ratih Luhur

I feel accomplished to see
many of my clients, who received remarkable healing, blossom as practitioners.


Intuitive Intelligence Ratih Luhur

Ratih Luhur
BSc (Arch), MMDes (Hons)

Dip Parapsychology
Angel Intuitive (Hons)

Cert Practitioner of
Tarot & Crystal Ball Reading

Cert Practitioner Mentor of
Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection

Member of
International Institute of
Complementary Therapists

Australia: +61 403 35 44 33
Indonesia: +62 878 8908 1153

  Daily Affirmations  

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• These affirmations are specially programmed to align with you.
• Take a moment to clear your mind and focus on your personal situation before clicking the button.
• Energetically you will be selecting the right moment for the program to generate the affirmation that resonates with your personal situation.

Affirmation is everything that we say or think. Every single thought we have is an affirmation; every sentence we speak is an affirmation. It is a very powerful tool for self-empowerment.

Our thoughts create our realities. Positive thoughts produce positive changes, and negative thought produce negative changes. Our choice of words can be positive, powerful and action oriented; or negative, powerless and passive. To create positive changes in our life it is important that we think positive thoughts and use positive powerful action oriented words.

The secrets of successful affirmations:

  • Always affirm in the present state of being ie. "I am…" instead of "I will…"
  • Always use positive action oriented words ie. "I choose…" instead of "I want…", "I need…" or "I think…"
  • Breaks your affirmations into small realistic steps ie. "I am increasingly…"

How to use affirmations to change your life:

  • Start by clearing your mind of any negative thought forms
  • Visualise what you are affirming vividly with as many details as you could
  • Say the affirmation out loud as often you can
  • Write the affirmation repeatedly
  • Place the affirmation in places visible to you through out the day
  • Keep an affirmation journal to record your experience
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