Ratih Luhur


Ratih Luhur

I feel accomplished to see
many of my clients, who received remarkable healing, blossom as practitioners.


Intuitive Intelligence Ratih Luhur

Ratih Luhur
BSc (Arch), MMDes (Hons)

Dip Parapsychology
Angel Intuitive (Hons)

Cert Practitioner of
Tarot & Crystal Ball Reading

Cert Practitioner Mentor of
Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection

Member of
International Institute of
Complementary Therapists

Australia: +61 403 35 44 33
Indonesia: +62 878 8908 1153

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International multi-award winning creative director, Ratih Luhur, holds a Masters Degree in Multimedia Design (Honours) and BSc (Arch) from the University of Sydney. Based in Sydney, Australia, over the past few years Ratih spent the average of 12weeks a year at home. The rest of the time she was sharing light and information, teaching at seminars in Europe, USA & Japan.

She embarked on her spiritual journey when a life changing experience inspired her to gain insight and understanding beyond the physical, five-sensory world with the Higher Self Connection Course (Dip. Parapsychology). Over the years Ratih continued her spiritual enrichment, completing courses with Caroline Myss, Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, Christopher Howard, Eric Pearl and other great teachers.

Ratih's impressive client and student list includes international celebrities such as Wieteke Van Dort (Dutch actress comedian aka Tante Lien), SwanHildur (Iceland sculptor and designer), Juan Nakamori (the author of Angel Messages), Takanori Tamura (the inventor of Eight Star Diamond), Michiko Inamoto (the spiritual presenter of Miyazaki Sunshine FM), Dr John Hindwood (the founder of Expect a Miracle), Sita Sudjono (Metafisika Studi Club), Despina Kamper (the founder of Anxiety Awareness) and many others.

"You don't have to be physically ill to receive healing, anyone could do with a better change in life. It's about living a more coherent and intelligent life which allows you to search, locate, and synchronise better with everything you need at the quantum level. It has been instrumental in a change of career, a change of relationships, a change of lifestyle -and even made me a better shopper!"

Ratih, knows about healing, through her own health challenges. As an international award winning designer she suffered a spontaneous lung collapse. From design she moved to airline, but after another injury Ratih was left in constant pain, pins and needles and numbness. When Ratih embarked on her spiritual journey her physical injuries began to heal.

Since then Ratih hasn't looked back. She explains, "I was born in Indonesia, my grandparents came from China, but I have Indian name. I used to feel trapped in my Chinese body and responsibilities. Now I have the courage to travel and share light with people all over the world."

In between conducting healing sessions at her busy practice in inner Sydney, Ratih flits from radio shows to television and newspaper interviews, like Readers Digest, Good House Keeping, Intisari, ANTV, Sonora and SBS radio. She has been invited as a guest speaker by many organizations and festivals including the Mind Body Spirit Festival, Theosophical Society and the Metaphysical Study Club.

Committed to support practitioners on the path to start their own practices, Ratih offers individual practitioner mentoring to help others practice, refine and refresh their skills and holds practitioner mentoring class and practitioner retreat worldwide. Recently she has the pleasure of working with one of her client who has fully recovered from a loss of vision and now in training to be a practitioner mentor.

[Messages from my clients around the world]

[ Wind | Los Angeles, USA ]
I just wanted to say a Huge "Thank You"!! to Ratih -- you sent me so much healing last week, and understanding. I still can not believe how you were able to 'plug in' to what's been going on with me so readily... You told me of my problem feeling people did not understand all the grief I have with losing my sister recently... and so I had stopped communicating which led to my getting ill... I hadn't shared that feeling with anyone but you picked up on it immediately. Thank You - for making me feel understood - finally!
Thank you for the Healing! I know you are on your way to becoming the Great Healer that you Are!!
Thanks again, Wind....

[ Angela | New Zealand ]
... you hit the nail on the head and I intend to follow your advice and really deal with this so that I can move forward!

[ Eaglesgift | London, United Kingdom]
You rocks!!

[ Emiko | Bali, Indonesia ]
Happy to know that you updated this site.
I love today's Daily Affirmations. Yes, exactly! We need to listen to our inner wisdom!
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

[ M Neal | New South Wales, Australia ]
I'd like to say how helpful you were Ratih in giving my life the impetus to realise my dreams. I recognise your abilities and your incredible connecton you have with spirit. My gratitude in giving me the courage to live my dreams will be repaid by countless people as well as by myself. I see you as a modern day saviour to all people seeking guidance and feel the love you treat each individual case with will enable people to move forward with ease and confidence. Your site brings light and hope when so much of the world around us is in darkness. Inner peace is coming to everyone. I see this flooding through the world opening eyes to the miracles we know we deserve and yet have held back ourselves for too long. Your courage and love is infectious and I see humanity catching it. Thank you, personally, for the unselfish way you have guided my direction and will follow your advice with gratitude.

[ Korina | Sydney, Australia ]
Hi Ratih, thank you for my crystal reading in December!

[ Anita | Seattle, USA ]
Hi Ratih, It was great catching up with you, and thank you so much for your reading for me. I feel much more positive about the future now, and look forward to each day of life instead of dreading what the future holds for us..

[ Sonja | Adelaide, Australia ]
Hey Ratih, i made it here, getting quite good at this computer thing..
You are so wise and i really enjoy ALL the chats we have.Thanks for being such a dear dear friend (sis) looking forward to keeping it touch...
love and light...Sonja..XOXOXO

[ Princess | Melbourne, Australia ]
Thank you for the reading in the Q & A.

[ Lis | Victoria, Australia ]
Hi, just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this site. I think it has a very open and loving energy and I plan to visit regularly. Also, thankyou for the wonderful and very accurate reading you gave me in your Q&A section.

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